Help for SBTpedigree database

This pedigree database is an initiative to collect as many Staffordshire Bull Terrier pedigrees and data as possible to give a good view of the breed, show developments in the breed, and help breeders planning their litters and owners discovering the ancestors of their beloved pets.

How to start working with SBTpedigree database?

You best start working with SBTpedigree database by browsing the content offered. The important data on SBTpedigree database is data about our Staffordshire Bull Terriers. You can see the pedigree and detail information for each dog, but you can also find information about the owners or the breeders of the dogs. You can start by either

  • exploring the newest entries and latest updates on the Newest Entries page or
  • by using our search form from the Search Dogs page to look for specific dogs.

If you would like to actively contribute to SBTpedigree database by adding or updating your own dogs or other, you have to register with a paid account. You can do so by clicking onto the "Become a member"- button at the top right. ">Or click here.

What is supported?

SBTpedigree database is focused on dogs, their pedigrees and detail information. To be able to get in touch with breeders or owners of dogs, we also offer some management of breeders and owners. Staffordshire Bull Terriers

For all users (including anonymous users) we offer several possibilities, please see this page

for detailed information about our different memberships.