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SBTPedigree.com is very pleased with Flitzen's services and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a pedigree database for another breed or a breeder's website (or any such IT services like Web Design, Mobile app development, Graphic Designs, or Software development.) Flitzen can help you with getting your own domain so your kennel prefix address is owned by you, and you can present your dogs and your breeding on your own webpage. Owning your own domain will also give you a unique email with your kennel prefix in it. If you already have a website and want to move it, upgrade it, change it - Flitzen will help you.

Know about Flitzen

We are primarily a tech development firm with a core specialization in website design. We started our main office in India back in 2011. We have also had a registered office in London since 2015. We have been providing high-quality custom development services to multiple industry domains, main services are Web design, App Development, and Software Development, we also provide graphic design, social media promotion, and digital marketing services. Basically, all IT services are under one roof. We have the highly qualified and skillful staff to make your project a stunning success.

By working closely with each of our clients, we ensure the best possible outcomes for all projects. Any new work starts with a free consultation and advisory and then taken to the next level of planning and strategizing, and then comes the final development and testing phase.

If you are looking for a new website, or want to renovate an existing website, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you with a free initial consultation which will be totally obligation-free. If you want to move ahead with your project, we will be giving you a fixed price quote, upon the agreement we will start working on your project.


How It Works

We are aimed to provide the best creative website design and development, and also help you with the most engaging services.

Our Services

Best quality services at fair and affordable prices

Website Design

We help to set up, develop, design, customize, migrate and support websites & online stores.

App Development

You wouldn’t be wrong if you thought mobile app development sounded like one of the coolest job industries. The job of the mobile app developer is fulfilling and necessary to the modern global economy.

Software Development

Our industry professionals can deliver better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client's business and industry.

Digital Marketing

We are providing different services that give you a marketing strategy and it will help you to reach your unique goals.

Why Choose Us

We can promptly provide creative solutions to solving any kind of your financial & business issues.

We delegate a cost-effective dedicated team to all our projects that not only promise quality but confer excellent backup and gratification to our valuable clients.

We are always there to help our clients in every feasible manner at each project spell. Our technical team works dedicatedly to ensure that the final product outcome fulfills the client's expectations.

Regular support has helped us to subsist in most climax conditions. We carefully sustain clients' project support to deal with misfortune in the best feasible manner.

We imprint in engrafting quality products to our clients by promising all their project specifications at the best industry-competitive price.

During Discovery, Designing, and Evolution spells, our technical team is always there to render suggestions and edits to our clients that extemporize their product in the best feasible manner.

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