How it all began

SBT was "born" in 2009 - by Camilla Berger, with great help of several Norwegian breeders who entered their dogs and pedigrees. The page kept developing as feedback was given by the Stafford community, and more and more features was added to the pages. Everyone could signup and add dogs to the database, and in 2013 the database had grown quite big, but it also had tons of duplicate users, duplicate dogs, and even other breeds registered. The website code, the actual engine of the database was also outdated by then. There was not much "development" with the website those 4 first years and seeing how much traffic it had got it was now neccessary to make this database a worthy pedigree database for our breed. With the help of two other breeders, Andrea Strobl in Austria ( and Sylvia Voorn from the Netherlands ( the database got a new start and launched in January 2014 under the new name

With these new pages it was easier to maintain information and sorting out duplicate and wrong entries. From 2014 the SBTpedigree grew even faster as new users discovered the pages every week. Summer 2014 Brian Owen also shared his "book of champions" and over 2000 dogs were added later that year from his collection. Many people have contributed to make the database grow, either by adding dogs, giving permission to add dogs, sending scanned pages of pedigrees, stud books and show cataloges. The pages were still free to use at this point and the time spent on this "little pedigree project" was exceeding a normal hobby website. The decision to change the database to a paid service was made later on and was done so it was possible to keep working and developing the database, who by 2014 had thousands of visitors every month.
In 2016 the database started to collect L2hga & HC results by email to keep the information about these important diseases correct. You can read more about this here.

In 2019 new challenges arise as there were several unknown persons who started to show interest for the database and found there own way in and helped themselfes with a piece of the database. It was neccessary to look for options to re-design the entire page and change the database structure so It was possible to easier manage the pages and keep them updated at all times. For those who are not familiar with how programming works the website could in 2019 be compared to a car running at full speed on 15 year old bad parts. Things will start to fall apart and it did. Not to mention the insane traffic the pages had which crashed the server now and then. It came to the point where it was an option to close the entire page and leave this project for good.

Some trials and errors were done and not long after the frustration had set in pretty hard, Flitzen Technologies was introduced, and was in 2021 re-born into a professional, good looking, functional database with their help. The proffesionalism is beyond words. And the service and communication was and still is, impeccable. (Highly recommended, check out their website here)

After the re-launch of it runs smoothly and the work with improving the database and features are done each month.
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