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Name Gender Sire Dam Colour L2hga Born Living in
Aphonic True Pal
Male Hillside Toby Firey Lass
Male Bomber (UNR) Jean (UNR)
Austaff Will Scarlet
Male Brenline Brutus
Male Jim The Dandy Chestonion Barmaid
Beecher Prince
Male Vindictive Montyson
Blaze Away
Male Vindictive Monty Bartley Green Peggy
Blue Scot
Male Fearless Joe Quick The Devil
Bomber (UNR)
Male Vic (UNR) Cheek (UNR)
Bomber Command
Male The Great Bomber Lady Maureen of Fordbrook
Boy Dan
Male Springheeled Jack Lady Liquer
Brenline Brindle Bomber
Male Peters Boy Overnian Lady Judith
Brenline Brutus
Male Brenline Brindle Bomber Southwark Spitfire Lass
Brigands Benson
Male O'Boy Lass o' Mine
Brindle Mac
Male Boy Dan Our Cissy
Brinstock Beaufighter
Male Brinstock Challenger Brinstock Bridget
Brinstock Challenger
Male Boy Dan Wimbush Judy
Brinstock Defender
Male Boy Dan Brinstock Addition
Brinstock Pimpernel
Male Boy Dan Judy Quaint Lady (UNR)
Buzz Bomb
Male Boy Dan Lulu (30s/40s)
Challs son Prince
Male Brinstock Challenger Beacon Princess
Chestonian Overdraft
Male Jim The Dandy Chestonion Moll
Chestonian Satan's Fireworks
Male Freden Fireworks
Chestonian Security
Male Jim The Dandy
Chestonion Bullring Bruiser
Male Jim The Dandy
Chestonion Dandys Replica
Male Jim The Dandy Chestonion Barmaid
Chestonion Masterpiece
Male Jim The Dandy Chestonion Moll
Male Lion-Heart Gay Nell
Cymro Bach
Male Sans Cooper Belligerent Betsy
Diamond Bill
Male Faithful Pal Lovely Sue
Diamond Billson
Male Diamond Bill Ella of Broom Squires
Dyrex Crusader
Male Major In Command Of Wychbury Dyrex Fair Jayne
Emden Capstan
Male Tackle Emden Conquest
Emden Convoy
Male Tackle Emden Conquest
Essexcounty Samson
Male Westriding Licourice Pitbane Vamprilla
Faithful Pal
Male Bomber Command Pride of the Nest
Fearless Gyp
Male Chestonian Overdraft Chestonion Exile
Fearless Joe
Male Monty Mallen's Nell
Fearless Joe (not THE Fearless Joe)
Male Wishbone Willie Nellie's Pal
Male Fearless Joe Silver's Queenie
Fiddle De Dee
Male Fearless Joe Tearaway Floss
Firestreak Golden Guinea
Male Goodlad Bert Pike Jose
Firestreak Golden Salamander
Male Firestreak Golden Guinea Firestreak Golden Lass
Firestreak Man Of War
Male Firestreak Golden Salamander Firestreak Blackbird
Firestreak Red Caliph
Male Firestreak Golden Guinea Gurkha Girl
Firestreak Red Rolfe
Male Firestreak Red Caliph Firestreak Witch
Gamesters Black Pilot
Male Emden Capstan Right Girl
Garrison Slasher
Male Vic (UNR) Minstrel Girl
Gentleman James The Bomber
Male Peter The Bomber Brinstock Game'un
Gentleman Pete
Male The Great Bomber Lady Maureen of Fordbrook
Goodlad Bert
Male Pike View Paddy Jenko Wonder Girl